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This unique site is the busy EMPLOYER’s one stop online service for pre placement, annual, sequential worker’s health, Fitness for Duty, HAZWHOPER and OSHA surveillance screening for ALL Occupations; ALL Industry, Public & Private.

Let us work for you by providing the ultimate on line work related health screening services from pre-placement occupational health screening; OSHA mandated surveillance screening to exit screening of workers moving from mandated screening occupations to other employment opportunities and Fitness for Duty evaluation.

University based studies indicate that the vast majority of significant findings on pre-placement worker health screenings come from the questionnaire, not necessarily from a physical exam which provides only a snapshot on the date and time of the exam/testing.  While an examination itself is useful to confirm observable significant medical issues it may not always identify issues that do not present with significant clinical findings.  Pre-placement health screening information significantly reduces potential employer work comp claims and liability.  This format of health screening is useful also when there is a question of Fitness for Duty in the worker’s capability to perform the essential functions of their job and/or to make a recommendation of accommodation as needed.

The ‘OCCUCHECK’ questionnaire provides ‘up front’ health information/workability and can be retrieved at any time from the database in which it is stored.  The database is a secured site.  Database information management is HIPPA compliant.

ALL forms are reviewed by MDs, Board Certified in Occupational, Environmental and/or other specialties including Emergency Medicine, Family Practice and Internal Medicine.

Turnaround time MAXIMUM 48 hours unless further record review/assessment is needed.

Contact us for information @ cjetzer@ehapsa.com or call 612-327-4926

Online Services:

  • PRE PLACEMENT & Fitness for duty
    • Comprehensive ‘worker health’ screening tool for ALL occupations
    • Comprehensive HAZ WHOPPER screening tool for environmental exposure safety
    • Includes air borne, blood borne, insect borne, and viral screening, bacterial
  • RESPIRATOR WEARER Qualification
    • The questionnaire for baseline, annual, exit screening
  • TRAVELING WORKER, foreign and domestic
    • Health protection; Immunization screening
    • Comprehensive pre and post travel health services; 24/hour availability
  • FIND a clinic services
    • Zip code required @ time of request _ we  will ‘find a clinic to meet your needs’

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